Instructions for spectators

Welcome to Finland-Romania-match!

Nations League -match between Finland and Romania will be played in Helsinki Olympic Stadium on Friday 23.9. at 9.45PM. Please read the spectator instructions below before entering the stadium.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable football experience for everyone at the stadium, we'd like to remind you to be respectful to others. Our match events are open for everyone and we do not tolerate any sort of discriminitation in our events. We welcome you to come and join us for a wonderful evening at the Olympic Stadium - and cheer for Huuhkajat!

This is how we ensure a successful event together

Be there on time - the gates open 1,5hrs before kick-off!

You can access all stands from all gates

Prepare your ticket before you arrive at the gate

Don't participate in the event if you feel sick

You'll find toilets near every stand

HSL and VR have arranged extra shifts for public transport after the match

Important fan instructions

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Saat alennuksen Huuhkajien ja Helmareiden ottelulipuista. Lisäksi saat etuosto-oikeuden Huuhkajien ottelulippuihin sekä etuja Maajoukkueen verkkokauppaan.

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