Helsinki will stage the 2022 UEFA Super Cup at the Olympic Stadium on 10 August 2022.

The UEFA Super Cup is a top football event between the winners of the two main European club competitions; the UEFA Champions League ​and UEFA Europa League.

The Football Associaton of Finland is looking for 400 volunteers to assist with the running of the UEFA Super Cup. There is an extensive range of special volunteering opportunities two weeks prior to kick-off and on matchday. Volunteers play a vital role in this high-profile event.

Please explore the roles below, get excited and apply!  


All volunteers must be at least 18 years old. 

If you have any questions, please check FAQ or contact us at [email protected]





The 2022 UEFA Super Cup Volunteer Programme offers a wide choice of volunteer roles to apply for. We recommend you to read the description of the operational areas or projects before proceeding with the online registration. In the application you can indicate a maximum three preferences of areas.

Positions = number of volunteers             Availability 1 = matchday only, 5= full operational period (1 to 12 August)


Access Control volunteers will play an integral role in creating a safe environment at The 2022 UEFA Super Cup facilities. Volunteers will help ensure that all target groups enter and exit the stadium and its areas smoothly and on time.

Positions: <10     Availability: 3


A large number of people will participate in the preparation and conduct of The 2022 UEFA Super Cup; players, referees, volunteers, media representatives, sponsors, etc. Volunteers of the Accreditation Center will issue each participant an accreditation confirming his/her right to access to the stadium areas and other event facilities. This functional area will begin its work two weeks before the match.

Positions: 30     Availability: 4


The Anti-doping Team will conduct a comprehensive doping testing program for players. The role of a Doping Control volunteer (male) is one of the most important and requires a professional approach. The main task is to notify and accompany the selected players to the doping test.

Positions: <5     Availability:1


The Ceremonies Team will create a festive atmosphere and provide an unforgettable experience for fans and spectators around the world. Volunteers will not only help in the preparation and conduct of a colorful pre-match show but they themselves will become a part of it.

Positions: 150     Availability: 3


The Logistics Team manages the delivery, picking and distribution of all the necessary materials for the organisation of various zones at The 2022 UEFA Super Cup facilities. Volunteers will help coordinate the processes of delivery, unloading, packaging, storage and distribution of materials, and distribution of equipment to all target groups. Event Logistics team is the first and last team on-site.

Positions: <5     Availability: 5


Volunteers will assist the organising team with meetings at the airport, hotels and other places, and will support UEFA in the transport office and on the territory of the special vehicle fleet. The main goal is to help and support various client groups, ensuring a high level of transportation services. The role requires flexibility and patience.

Positions: 60     Availability: 2-5


The main task is to organise the match and all services related to sporting aspects at the highest international level. Volunteer will help the Match Manager with the preparation and conduct of the match, including official training the day before the match, dressing rooms and areas for the competition.

Positions: 1     Availability: 2


The Guest Management Team is responsible for the delivery of various levels of service to all VIP-guests. The team is responsible for welcome services, venue operations in the VIP-areas and all ticketing and protocol matters. Volunteers will provide support in assisting and serving VIP guests in The 2022 UEFA Super Cup facilities, and will also assist in issuing tickets to guests.

Positions: <10     Availability: 2


The Hospitality Team is responsible for the design, implementation and provision of hospitality and catering services for VIPs, partners and sponsors. In addition, an important task of the team is to provide catering services for everyone working at the event (The Staff Bistro). 

Positions: <10     Availability: 2-4


The Media Team is responsible for providing a wide range of media services, including media accreditation and booking services and information services on a match day and the day before. Goal is to provide journalists, photographers and broadcasters best possible working conditions.

Positions: 20     Availability: 2


The Provision of Mobility project is responsible for the arrival and comfortable logistics of spectators in the host city. Volunteers will be helping at the airport, the fan zone in the city centre and the stadium and its last kilometre. Volunteers will support and facilitate the spectator journey to be smooth, plesent and welcoming.

Positions: 20     Availability: 2 


The Social Responsibility Project focuses on UEFA's social, environmental and economic policies. Volunteers will provide assistance to disabled spectators, support audio-descriptive commentary services and inform spectators, staff and volunteers of the stadium’s no-tobacco policy.

Positions: <20     Availability: 1


The Sponsor Relations Team is responsible for implementing operational projects aimed at providing all sponsorship rights to commercial partners at The 2022 UEFA Super Cup facilities. Volunteers will assist in issuing parking passes, delivering and displaying sponsored products and branding the stadium.

Positions: 1     Availability: 2


The Technical Services team manages the planning and implementation of services for the preparation and launch of temporary infrastructure at The 2022 UEFA Super Cup facilities. Key resposibilities within this area are related to power supply, water supply, temperature control, sound system and screens. Volunteers will be helping to organise the temporary infrastructure and communication between local staff, suppliers' staff and UEFA. 

Positions: 1     Availability: 3


Ticket Volunteers will assist the Ticketing Team at the stadium, and the perimeters and at the ticketing facilities. Volunteers are the essential part of the event as they often are the first point of contact for ticket holders. One of the key responsibilitys is assisting spectators in the event of problems.

Positions: 50     Availability: 2


The TV Operations Team provides the best working conditions for broadcasters and the host broadcaster. Volunteers in this area will help the production manager in all matters of logistics, preparation of documents, issuance of additional access cards, distribution of food and refresments to broadcasters.

Positions: 1     Availability: 2


The Venue Logistics Team assist in setting upp and managing the venue offices and facilities, turning the stadium into a working venue. Volunteers will assist in restocking office supplies, administrative work, preparing meeting rooms and helping with translation between the logistics team and locals.

Positions: <5     Availability: 5


This team will look after volunteers and ensure that everything runs smoothly. A special team of volunteers from the Volunteer Management function will assist in the distribution of uniforms, registration of volunteers for shifts, maintain motivation and team spirit, and assist in the preparation and maintenance of the Volunteer Center at the stadium. Members of this team are flexible and ready to replace any volunteer if needed.

Positions: <20     Availability: 5